Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 391 of 49114th August 1735

Thursday 21st. August 1735

[..] of Election
to be inserted in Tickett}

Ordered That it be inserted in the Ticketts of the next Court and to
clerk an Artsmaster in the room of James Lipcomb< no role > is to has resigned

[..] to consider
that Security they shall [..] }

Ordered That it be referred to the Comittee of this House to consider what
Security the Artsmasters shall give on their Admission into this Hospital

Indre dat 30th. April 1725

Ordered that Thomas Piper< no role > be put Apprentice to James Vaughan< no role > and that
his Indenture bear date from the last informer to the Comittee

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