Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 364 of 49115th August 1734

Thursday 15th. August 1734 .

Cont to Labor.

CummisMary< no role > By Sr. Richard Brocas< no role > being charged by the
Oath of Clifford Pasmore< no role > for being found by him in the Cellar of Alice
< no role > and attempting to Steal from thence some beer of small Value
and being a disorderly Woman.

Cont to LaborDawsonSarah< no role >
DoMackdonall Alice< no role > }

By Sr. Richard Brocas< no role > being charged by the
Oath of Wm. Boomer< no role > a Constable of St. Sepulchres
London for being found by him Sunday morning
in the Street & attempting to Pick up Strange Men
and being a loose idle & disorderly Comon Street Walker.

At this Court the following poor boys were Ordered to be put out
Apprentices at the nomination of the severall Governors hereafter named Vizt.

Nominated by

Indre dat 30th: Septr. 1734.

GreyHenry< no role > to John Ward< no role > Mr. Wm. Woolball< no role >

Indre dat 17th. Octr. 1734

MooreJohn< no role > to William Cooke< no role > Mr. Robt. Vincent< no role >

Apprentice made free

At this Court Thomas Mow< no role > was Ordered to be made free of this
City having served his apprenticeship in this Hospital to John Ward< no role > one
of the Artsmasters by Indre dated the 21 day of March 1726/7.

MilnerEliz< no role > Petn. for a
Lease (No 23) in Bridewell Prcinct

Upon reading the humble Petition of Elizabeth Milner< no role > Widow & Executrix
of Thomas Milner< no role > deceasedSetting forth that the Governors of these
Hospitals granted a Lease No. 23 to John Hippisley< no role > of two Houses in
Bridewell Precinct for 61 or 62 years from Midsummer 1672 at the rent of
8.12.6 P Annum in one of which Houses the said Thomas Milner< no role > lived about
21 years & served all OfficesAnd praying a new Lease thereof to Commence
from the Expiration of the Old one under the same rent in consideration of laying
out a Sum of money to put the same into RepairIt is Ordered that it
be referred to the Comittee of this House to consider of the said Petition and to
Report their Opinion therein to this Court.

VaughanJames< no role > Weaver
Elected Artsmaster}

Upon reading the several humble Petitions of John Davison< no role > Citizen Gold
& Silver Orrice Weaver & Laceman of London and of James Vaughan< no role > Citizen and
Weaver of London each Settingforth that he is willing to Comply with all the
Orders of this Court in relation to Artsmasters & to take such number of Apprentices
as the Governors shall think fitt to allot him and praying to be admitted an
Artsmaster of this Hospital in the room of Mr. Gabriel Bestman< no role > deceased and they
being severally put in nomination the plurality of hands appeared to be for the said
James Vaughan< no role > Whereupon It is ordered that the said James Vaughan< no role > (upon
delivering a Certificate of his Setlement to the Clerk and producing a Copy of his
Freedom of this City) be admitted an Artsmaster of this Hospital untill the next
Election day giving Security as usual in the like Cases and entring into the usual
Covenants with a Covenant to be added that he will not setup or use any Engine Leems
in this Hospital and that the Journeymen which he shall employ in his said Trade shall
be such as have serv'd their Apprenticeships in this HospitalAnd it is further
Order'd That he have such Apartment as the Comittee of this house shall direct.

NelsonRobert< no role > Weaver
10. Locks gift}

Mr. Deputy John Bridge< no role > and Mr. Deputy Henry Wiley< no role > two of the Governors of
these Hospitals reporting to this Court That in pursuance of an Order of Court of the
16 May last they had made enquiry & found that Robert Nelson< no role > who served his
Apprenticeship in this Hospital is set up for himself in the Trade of a Weaver and
has the Character of a diligent & Sober Man It is Ordered that the Steward of
this Hospital do give & pay unto the said Robert Nelson< no role > Ten pounds out of
Mr. Locks Gift to be allowed him in his next account.

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