St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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At a Vestry held 1st: Febry: 1714


Mr: Willm: Holloway< no role >
Mr: Richard Hallam< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr: Hayes
Mr. Jones Callender< no role >
Mr: Dawson< no role >
Mr. Barker
Mr. Acreman
Mr. Wilshire< no role >
Mr. Ingram< no role >
Mr. Wilson

Mr: Saunderson
Mr. Clifton< no role >
Mr. Quatermaine
Mr. Burt
Mr. Jenkins
Mr. Dodd< no role >
Mr. Payne
Mr. White

Mr. Webster< no role >
Mr. Eames
Mr. Child
Mr Tirrell< no role >
Mr. Viber
Mr. Branch
Mr. Tindell< no role >
Mr: Flower

Mr: Cotton< no role >
Mr. Hankey
Mr. Hicks
Mr: Fellor
Mr: Tanner
Mr. Howland
Mr. Rusbatch

This Vestry was Summoned by Mr: Holloway Upper Church Warden to
Examine into the matters of the rate made for the repairs of the Church and to hence
Complaints relating thereto and Redress such as overe Agreived or were charged therein or

A List Psented by the Ch: warden
of such as were aggreived by
Rates for repairing the Church

Then Mr: Churchwarden presented a List of such as Complained against the said
Rate which are as followeth

Mr. Woolball excused paying
6d P weeke paying 4d

First Mr: Woolball Complain'd that he was rated at Six pence P weeke whereas
he usually paid but four pence and upon his allegacons and reasons was excused from the
said Assessment of Six pence P weeke he paying after the rate of four pence P weeke only.

Mr. Tindall excused the paymt:
of 2d. P weeke as rated

Mr: Tindall complained of being over charged in the said rate two pence P Weeke and
desir'd to be releaved therein setting forth his reasons and Allegacons for the same and
upon hearing thereof It was put to the Vote and Order'd that he be excused the payment
of two pence P Weeke

Mr: Flower reduced to 3dly. 6d
P weeke

Mr: Edwd: Flower Complain'd of being over charged in the said rate and upon hearing & examining
his reasons and allegacons he was reduced to Six pence P Weeke

Mr: Locker shod: pay 3d. P
weeke as Assess'd

Mrs: Locker made her Psonall Appearance and Complain'd of being Assess'd three pence P
Weeke and left it to the Consideracon of the Vestry whereupon the same was put to the Vote
whether she should or should not pay it and was Carried in the Affirmative and being called
and acquainted therewith she Agreed to pay the same

Mr: Jesson & Chapman shod.
pay the Assesmt: notwithstanding
they were abt. to leave ye: Pish

Mr: Josson and Chapman desir'd to be excus'd the payment Assessed on them in the
said rate they having left the Pish before the repaires were performed and It was put
to the Vote thereupon whether they should or should not pay the said Assessment and it
was carried in the Affirmative that they pay the same

Mr: Hinxman excused paying
his Assessmt. in regard of his

Mr: Hinxman Complained and desir'd to be Excused the payment of the said rate as
being poore and unable to pay the same and upon the Vote was excused the payment
thereof in regard of his Poverty

Mr. Wilshire indulged to pay
his Assessmt. his he shod. become

Then Mr: Wilshire appear'd and desir'd to be Excused the payment of the said
rate for that he was poore and unable to pay the same And upon hearing of his
Allegacons he was not totally excused the payment thereof but was so farr
Indulged to pay the same as he should become Able

Mr: Hutson gone< no role >

Mr: Hutson is gone & left the parish

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