St Thomas's Hospital:
List of Governor Takers-In of Patients

25th January 1690 - 25th December 1765

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Image 2 of 33517th May 1690

Book for Burial
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Janu 25

Mr. Tho: Pickard< no role >
Mr. Wm Yourth< no role >
Mr. Tho: Elton< no role >
Mr. Richd Edmunson< no role > }
Stewd: 2d: Moneth

Febr. 22

Mr. Sam: Harwarr< no role >
Mr: Geo: Ford< no role >
Mr: Tho: Soper< no role >
Mr. Geo: Bearcroft< no role > }
Stewards 3d: moneth

they End 17th: March 1689
Mr. Soper & Mr. Bearcroft to view the
Druggs and medicines

1689 March 22 :

Capt. Jno. Smith< no role >
Mr Danll. White< no role >


Mr. Ewd. Sherwood< no role >
Mr. Wm Sherlock< no role > }
Stewards for the first moneth

Aprill 19

Mr: Tho: Cartwright< no role >
Mr. Ben: Brownsmith< no role >
Mr. Edmd: Farding< no role >
Mr. Wm Thomas< no role > }
Stewards 2d: moneth

May 17:

Mr: Jonadab Ballam< no role >
Mr. Tho: Gardner< no role >
Mr. Aungier
Mr. Hen: Hawkes< no role > }
Stewards 3d: moneth

All Takers in of the poor for 3: moneths
ending the 9th: June 1690
Capt Aungier & Mr. Gardner, to view
the Druggs Etc:

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