St Thomas's Hospital:
List of Governor Takers-In of Patients

25th January 1690 - 25th December 1765

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Image 103 of 3351st November 1690

1690 June 14 :

Jacob Foster< no role > Esqr
Liftt. Collonll: Wickins
dead Mr. Jno: Jekyll< no role >
Mr: Tho: Elton< no role > }
Stewards first moneth

July 12:

Nichol: Delves< no role > Esqr dead
Antho: Rawlins< no role > Esqr
Mr. Wm Gibbes< no role >
Mr. Richd: King< no role > }
Stewards 2d: moneth

Aug: 9:

Capt. Tho: Powell< no role >
Mr. Tho: Mason< no role >
Mr. Jno: Marsh< no role >
Mr. Jno. Page< no role > }
Stewds: 3d: moneth

All Takers in of the poore for three
moneths Ending 1st. Sept. 1690
Mr. Tho: Elton< no role > to view the Druggs

1690 Sept. 6 :

Mr: Roger Lock< no role >
Mr. Dan: Berry< no role >
Mr. Richd: Edmonson< no role >
Mr. Fra: Wilkinson< no role > }
Stewards for first moneth

Octobr. 4 :

Mr. Tho: Netheway< no role >
Mr. Robt. Peters< no role >
Mr. John West< no role >
Mr. John Wase< no role > }
Stewards 2d: moneth

Novem: 1:

Mr. Wm Yourth< no role >
Mr. Geo: Bearcroft< no role >
Mr. John Aldersey< no role >
dead Mr. Fra: Zouch< no role > }
Stewds. 3d: moneth

Mr. Bearcroft to view the Druggs
All takers in 3: moneths ending
24th Novembr 1690

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