St Thomas's Hospital:
List of Governor Takers-In of Patients

25th January 1690 - 25th December 1765

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Image 112 of 33522nd December 1694

1694 Aug:4

Mr. Jonadab Ballam< no role >
Mr. Simd: Weaver< no role >
Mr. Ow: Buckingham< no role >
Mr. Alex: Merriall< no role > }
Stewards 1st: moneth

Sept: 1

Mr: Samll: Harwar< no role >


Mr Fra: Chamberlen< no role >
Mr. Joseph Woolfe< no role >
Mr. Tho Worrall< no role > .}
Stewds: 2d: moneth

Sept 29:

Matthew Bateman< no role >
Mr. Fra: Wilkinson< no role >
Mr. Jacob: Whildon< no role >


Mr. Wm Grosvenor< no role > }
Stewd: 3d: moneth

All Takers in for 3: moneths ending the
4th. Octobr. 1694.

1694 Octob: ye 27th

Mr Deput Tooley
Mr: Peter Hagar< no role >
Mr. Edwd: Green< no role >
Mr. Jonath: Lee< no role > }
Stewards 1st: Moneth

Novembr: 24th

Mr: Deput Eyre
Mr: Josp: Thompson< no role >
Mr: Antho: Smith< no role >
Mr: Samll Howard< no role > }
Stewards 2d Moneth

Decembr: 22

Mr: Tho: Pickard< no role >
Mr: Wm: Hardcastle< no role > This name instance is in a workspace.
Mr: Samll: Newberry< no role >
Mr: Sam: Maine< no role > }
Stewards 3d: Moneth

All Takers in of poor for 3
Moneths Ending ye 17th: Janry 1694

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