Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1783

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he cannot think of holding an office in which Vigilance and activity
are such requisite qualitiesHe therefore takes leave to resign [..]
and hopes that by Resignation he may afford an opportunity for [..]
appointment of a Person more able in Point of health and abilities
to execute the office.

Your Worships Petitioner has laid out some [..]
Money in the Purchase of Furniture, Fixtures in the Keepers then [..]
and also in the Repair of the said House which Money he [..]
Your Worships will be Pleased to repay or order his Success [..]
to do.

Your Petitioner begs Permission to return Your
Worships his most hearty thanks for the favours he has received
and he hopes that the effresions of gratitude will not be deemeet
impertinent when he humbly and sincerely wishes Your
Worships the full enjoyment of good health that greatest of all
earthly blessings which in all human Probability from his
miserable situation and the short time that he expects to live
he shall never more enjoy

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