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January 1734

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Image 113 of 14625th February 1734

till long after the time appointed by Act of parliamt
for that purpose, And that on receiving the said
Book the Petrs. finding that the usual Assessments-
on the personal estates appertaining to the said-
Division were omitted Requested, that the said-
Rate Book might be justly settled in the customary
manner, But were denyed any amendment or-
alteration thereof whatsoever, And that the Petrs.
are obliged to pay the Raker sixty pounds (as had
for several yeares past been paid by their
Predecessors) And have already paid one part-
thereof (besides their chargesofor entring into-
their said office) And the utmost their collections
can amount to cannot exceed the sum of fifty
pounds, And that by such omissions & imperfections
in the said Rate Book on the personal estates
aforesaid the Petrs. must be above ten pounds out
of pocket more than usual in the like cases,-
wherefore they apprehended themselves to be
very much aggrieved, And prayed releif in-
the premisses, And the matter of the sd. petition-
[..] not being determined at the said last sessions,
But the same now comeing on to be heard & debated
at this present General Quarter Sessions of the peace
(which Session began & was holden for this County-
on Monday in the week next after the Feast of the
Epiphany (to witt) the fourteenth day of January
now last and was from thence continued by
several adjornments untill this twenty fifth-
day of February instant ) Upon hearing of-
what was alledged by Councell for the Petr. and
also by

And upon examination into the truth of the said
matter This Courtthatbeing satisfyed that the

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