Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1734

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Image 54 of 14611th November 1733

Midd ss.

John Milner< no role >

John MIlner< no role >

WHEREAS Complaint has been made unto
us two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace
for the County of Middlesex (on Aborns of the Quorum)(Quor unus) by
the Church-wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish
ofSt. Giles in the fields in the said County, That
Sarah Mason< no role > wife of Richd: Mason< no role > & their three Children
Vizt. Christopher< no role > aged in the years Anne< no role > aged four Years
and Rebecca< no role > aged Eight Months are
lately come into the said Parish endeavouring to Settle
there, contrary to Law. And it appeareth unto us the
said Justices, and we do adjudge Thatthey arelikely
to became Chargeable to the said Parish, and upon Exami-
nation ofthe said Sarah Mason< no role >
taken upon Oath, it further appeareth unto us,
and we do likewise adjudge, Thatthe parish of St.
Anne Westmt. in the said County
is the Place of the last legal
Settlement of the saidSarah Mason< no role > & three
These are therefore in His Majesty's Name to Charge and
Command the Church-wardens and Overseers of the Poor
of the said parish ofSt. Giles in the Fields
forthwith to remove and convey the saidSarah
< no role > & Children
from the said Parish ofSt. Giles in the
Fields to the said
Parish ofSt. Anne Westmr .and deli-
verthemto the Church-wardens and Overseers of the
Poor there, or to some or one of them who are hereby re-
quired to provide forthemaccording to Law; Given un-
der our Hands and Seals the11thDay ofNovemr . 1733
Anno Dom.

To the Church-wardens and Overseers of
the Poor of the respective Parishes of
St. Giles in the Fields
in the County of Middlesex
andSt. Anne Westmr in the said
and to all other Officers whom it may

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