Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1734

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Image 44 of 14614th January 1734

To the Right Worshipfull His
Majesties Justices of the Peace
for the County of Middx in their
Gent. Quarter Sessions Assembled.

The Humble Petition of William Beek< no role > of
the Parish of Twickenham in the said County


That Your Petitioner by an Order made at the
Genl. Sessions of the Peace holden for the Sd. County
in Decr. last was Appointed High Conble: of Isleworth [..]
in the said County

That Yor: Petitioner in not only very much Afflict:
With an Astmak but also with a Complication of
Other Distempers wth: which he is often times
Suddenly Seized that he is in capable of getting him
Although in his Nearest Nighbourhood

That Yor: Petitioner would be very Ready and
Willing to take upon him the said Office, if his Stall
of Health would Permit him to Execute the same
Without Manifest Danger of his Life

Yor. Petitioner therefore Humbly Pray's Your
Worships will Please to consider his Case and
Discharge him from the said office and Appointed
Some other person more fit and Capable of Service
the Same (the Named of Such persons being
here underwritten)

George Greenwood< no role > &
John Child< no role > }
of Isleworth And Yor: Petr: shall ever Pray

Thomas Aubell< no role >
Willm: Smith< no role > }
of Hessen appted. Wm: Beck< no role >

Thomas Gray< no role >
Wm: Blackcock< no role > &
Benin: Stove< no role > :}
of Twickeaham

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