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January 1715

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Image 152 of 18512th January 1715

play p at unlawfull games & behave themselves after a very
comitt severall thefts & take opportunitys of makeing
disorderly manner in the time of divine service & sermon
observacons where to break into peoples houses to comitt
felonys & [..] ;To the greatdangerdisturbance of his Maties
Subjectsinhiteing within the weekly bills of mortality
in this County
This Cort is of opinion and doth
unianmously declare that the goeing with, driveing
& useing of such wheelbarrows laden wth: goods &
wares as aforesd. in & abt. the sd. Publique streets, lanes,
open passages, & places within the weekly bills of mortality in this County & freguently
standing therein to sell put off & utter the same are
comon unsances & a great stopping obstructing &
hindrance to his Maties. Subjects goeing passing &
travelling there abt. their necessary busyness & lawfull
occasions, And that the misbehaviour ofthe goeing abt. ofsuch idle psons
under prtendingof wandring about to clean [..] shoes on the Lords day as aforesd. doe frquently
is a great distrubance to his Maties. subjects, and that some speedy
comit thefts & are dangerous to his Maties. Subjects, And
nemedy ought to be taken for the prvencon thereof for the future
Andtherefore It is thought fit & Ordered by this Court that
the high Constables of the severall Divisions within the
weekly bills of mortality in the County doe forthwith
issue out their precepts to the severall petty Constables
& Headboroughs in their severall Divisions within the
sd. weekly bills of mortality strictly requireing & comanding
them to make diligent search and to apprehend & take
up all such persons as they shall find soe useing &
driveing such wheelbarrows wth. goods & wares in them
as aforesd.& alsoein any of the foot paths, publique streets,
lanes, open passages or other places within the weekly bills of mortalityat aforesd.in this County

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