Middlesex Sessions:
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January 1715

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Image 172 of 18513th January 1715

The names of Psons who took the oaths this prsent Sessions
12th Janry 1714

gr. sd Edwd Gold< no role >

gr. Rich Woodward< no role >
gr. Peter Lavigne< no role >
gr. Moses Goodyear< no role >
gr. John Niccoll< no role >
gr. George Hadley< no role >
gr. Tho. Colby Jun< no role >
gr. Tho. Liddell< no role >
gr. Reginald Marriot< no role >
gr. Nartissus Luttrell< no role > }
Esqr .

Willm Parnell< no role >
Tho. Robuis< no role > }
Robert Blundell< no role >

2s Charles [..] Barson Brune of Wharlton
2s. Wm Bosely< no role > gen

13o Janry gr Sr David Hechstetter< no role >
gr Sr Tho: Gery< no role >
gr Daniell Niccoll< no role > Esqr
T:W:2s John Darley< no role > -Esqr
Edward Johnson< no role > Esgr
Tho: Wilson< no role > Esqur

gr Tho Sewell< no role > Esqr
1s.6d Joseph King< no role > Dissenting [..] minister Etc
T:W:2s Roger Gate< no role > Esqr
gr Felix Feast< no role > Esqr
gr Edward Johnson< no role > Esqr
2s. John Cheeke< no role > Gen
gr-Robt. Thornhill< no role > Gen Esqr
2s. Richard Martin< no role > Esqr
2s. HenryDerreckLiddell< no role >
2s. Rich Pye< no role >

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