Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1715

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Image 147 of 1852nd December 1714

Midd: ss:

Ad General Quarterial Session paris Dom Regis tent P
Com Middx apnd Hicks Hall in St John Street in Com prd
p Adjour Die Jovis Scilt Decimo Tertio Die January Anno
Regin Dui Georgy mmc Regis Magne Britannie Etc primo corain
to the Rotheram Johe Metcalfe< no role > Johe Chamberlaine< no role > Robts
< no role > Arunigeris & al socys suis Justic din Dui Regis
ad pacem in Com prd couservand necnon ad diversd felon
fingr & as Malefacta in eod Com P petrat audiend Etc
terminant Assign Etc.

Whereas Richard Charidge< no role > , Joseph Birth< no role > , James Chawell< no role > , David
< no role > , William Collier< no role > , Thomas Divett< no role > , Thomas Gibson< no role > , Jeremiah
< no role > , Richard Baynard< no role > , & Joseph Bosly< no role > Inhabitants of the Parish
of St. James Clerkenwell in this County exhibited their joynt & Senrab
appeal unto his Matys. Justices of the peace of County assembled,
at the last General Quarter Sessions of the peace held for the said
County Setting forth that they were assessed very high towards the
Relief of the poor of the said parish, And that Diver's of their Neighbours
who paid farr greater Rents then the said Appellants & of as good
ability were not Charged soe much as the said Appelllants in the rate
made for the Relief of the poor of the said parish and some totally
omitted out of the same And that the said Appellants Conceived
themselves Aggrieved and Oppressed by the said rate & prayed to be
relieved in the premises And by Order made at the said last Generall
Quarter Sessions of the peace It was ordered that the Churchwdns
& Overseers of the poor of the said parish should attend the same
Court on the Second Day of December Last so here cause why the
said Appellants should not be Eased in the Rate or Rates made
for the relief of the poor of the said parish And that they should
produce the said rate or ratesmade for the Relief of the poor
of the said parish
before the Court at the same time, And by a
Subsequent Order made at the same Sessions of the peace being
held for the said County by adjournment on the said Second Day of
December last the Hearing and Determining of the said Appeal
was adjorned untill this present General Quarter Sessions of ye
peace held for this County Now upon hearing of what was alledged
by Mr Corbett of Councell for the said Appellants and alsoe by Mr.
Darnall of Councell for the Churchwardens & Overseers of the poor
of the said parish of St. James Clerkenwell It is consent of the
aforesaid Councell on both sides Ordered by this Court that it be

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