Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1715

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Image 131 of 1852nd December 1714

1 Mr. Rotherham
3 Mr. Hermhill tenr.
2 Mr. Ryder
4 Mr Offley
9 Mr. Thornhills hmr
11 Mr. Le Neve
13 Mr. Kyrby
15 Mr. Ward
5 Mr Luttrell
6 Mr Box
8 Mr. Milner
7 Mr. Manlove
12 Mr. Skinner
10 Mr Wilson
14 Mr Hall

& or Untillsuch nowGovernrs. & Keep of the sd house of Com
be chosen as aforesd And for the encouragemt. of the sd Giles
< no role > to take care of the sd Prisoners & such thers as
Subject nevertheless to such Order & new [..] there
shall be committed to his charge This Court doth hereby authors
him to receive to his [..] all [..] fees & equisites as shall become due to
him as Governmt. of the house of Corr dureing his
of a Governe as his Maties. Justices of the peace for this
continuance in the sd employmt. And It is further Ordered
by this Cort that this prsent appoinmt. of the sd Giles Quinny< no role > to
be Governer . of the sd house Court shall be subject to such
County shall make at the next generall Qur Sess of the
new choice of a Governer. & Keep of the sd house, as the major
part of the Justices of the peace for this County to be assembled
on Thursday in the next Generall Qur: sess: of the peace to be held at Hicks hall for the sd County,At wth.
& to be subject to such Ordered direccons as shall beguarrnunds
by the major part of the sd Justices of the peace then to be assembled touching the Governmt.
time the sd Giles Quinney< no role > is to observe such order as the
of the sd house off Court & the [..] of the prisonsafe custody of
the prisonrs. comitted there unto & forthe due for name of
sd Justices of the peace shall then make either for his
the sd employmt.
such new Governors. due P formduce of the Sd
continuance or resignacon of the sd employmtAnd
It is further ordered by this Cort that the sd Giles
< no role > doe forthwth. repair to the sd house of
Corr & take upon him the Governmt . thereof
& the custody of the Prisonrs.therein being,
But this Cot [..] doth re [..] it to their [..]
Quinny to allow unto Eliz. Boreman< no role > widw . of
the sd late Governor. & Keeper a conveinent
part of the dwelling house belonging to the sd
prison for the prsent habitacon of her & her family
& some reasonable time for [..] them to remove
& take away their goods [..] goods

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