Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

14th January 1796 - 18th September 1800

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September 1799.

was Committed on the Lottery Act and wanted to be
better treated than the Prisoners usually were if that
could be obtained Mr.. Raven said he was going to
the Governor on business in the course of the Day
that he would meet me in the Evening at the Light
Horse Orange Court and would let me know the
result, I believe I mentioned the place and that
it was proposed by me, - We met there and he
said the Governor would give him some Indul-
gence in a few days Mr.. Raven desired me to
meet him in a day or two and he would
introduce me to the Governor; - I told Mr.. Raven
I had some Money at my Bankers that I
should not want for that time if he was sure
it would be repaid but that I would see the Governor
upon it, he told me if I did at all it must be by 9.
o' Clock in the Morning, the next Morning by past
8, o Clock being the 6th. of December I waited upon the
Governor I told him I understood from Mr. Raven
that he wanted the Loan of 100 he said he did
for that the County had called upon him hastily for
a large sum of Money which he was not prepared
to pay I told him the 100. was at his Service for
a fortnight or a Month as I should not have
occasion for it before that time I accordingly gave
him a Check upon my Banker Biddulph and
Cock's of charing cross for 100. which was paid by
Bankers I took no Memorandum but did 3 or 4.
Months after draw a Bill at 6 Weeks which was
accepted by Aris I have not got the Check I drew for the
100. exactly and no Interest and I paid for Stamp
I had applied for the Money, I applied at the end
of the Month according to the Agreement and Mr..
Aris said he could not pay it but if I would call on
him at the Session House as I believe on Thursday
he would pay it, Evans was in Custody I saw Mr..
Aris at the Court on that Thursday, Mr.. Aris came
out to speak to me Mr.. Aris said again he could
not pay it, - I made many other Applications

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