Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 274 of 55915th October 1747

By adjornment on Thursday the 15th. Day of October, 1747 .

Order concerning the
putting in Execution the
Acts of Parliamt. agt.
Horseracing and Squibb

Information having been given unto this Court that divers persons
have for Some time past made Matches for Horseracing and that several
Horses have run Races in a Field called White Conduit Field in the
Parish of Islington and elsewhere in the County of Middx whereby
great Numbers of working & labouring People have been Seduced
to resort thither and lose both their time and their Money in laying of
Wages which tends very much to the impoverishmt. of themselves
and their Familys, and great Tumults and Disorders must and
will happen by means of the great Resort to Such Horse Races,
And the Said Horse racing having happened upon a false
Suggestion that the late Act of Parliament for preventing the
excessive increase of Horse races is expired, This Court to the intent
that the Said Act of Parliament may be duly observed Doth
declare that the Same is a perpetual Act, and is now in full force,
And whereas a great many disorderly Persons have of late
years taken upon themselves to throw Squibbs (whereby Several
Mischiefs have happened to divers Persons) upon a false
Suggestion that the Act of Parliament for preventing the
throwing of Squibbs is expired, This Court for preventing for
the future Such Mischiefs Doth Declare that the Said Act
of Parliament is a perpetual Act and now in full force, And
this Court doth recommend it to [..] Some Gentlemen in the Comission
of Peace for this County to meet from time to time in their
respective Divisions, and to take care that the Said respective
Acts of Parliament be put in Execution against all Persons
who Shall offend against the Same, and that they do from time
to time give proper Orders relating thereto, And this Court
doth Order that the above Resolutions be printed in one of the
publick News papers for the better Notification thereof,

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