Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 269 of 55910th September 1747

By adjornment on Thursday the 10th. Day of September, 1747 .

Order for continuing and
electing Thomas Lane< no role > Esqr
to be Chairman of the Court.}

His Majestys Justices of the Peace for the County of Middx assembled at
this present General Session of the Peace holden for the Said County
Do continue and elect Thomas Lane< no role > Esquire to be Chairman of the
General Quarter and General Sessions of the Peace which Shall be
holden for the Said County between Michas One thousand Seven
hundred and forty Seven and Easter one thousand Seven hundred
and forty eight.

By adjornment on Thursday the tenth Day of September, 1747.

Order for Mr. Higgs Trearer
of the County of Middx to pay
twenty Guineas to Mr. James
Willder and for referring his
account to a Committee.}

Upon reading the humble Petition of Mr. James Willder of Lothbury London
Attorney at Law exhibit unto this Court Setting forth That he hath ever
Since Lady day last attended the Gentlemen appointed by Order of the Lords
of his Majesty< no role > 's most Honble. Privy Council to take Care of the distempered
Cattle in the County of Middx as their Clerk and hath ever Since done all
Business relating thereto, And that the Petitioner hath reced no Reward or
Satisfaction for Such his Trouble and Attendance, an Account where of the
Petr. hath delivered to the Gentlemen appointed by the Privy Council as
aforesaid, And the Petr. therefore praying this Court to take the Same into
Consideration and to allow him Such Relief in the Premises as this Court
Shall think proper, And the Said Account being now produced before this
Court the Total whereof is computed to amount to the Sum of 36.6s.2d. It is
Ordered by this Court that Mr. John Higgs< no role > Treasurer of the Said County do pay
unto the Said James Willder< no role > upon Account the Sum of twenty Guineas whose
Receipt together with this Order Shall be a Sufficient Discharge to the Said
Treasurer for Such payment, And in order to ascertain what Sum of Money
in the whole is fit and reasonable to be allowed and paid to the Said James
Willder upon his Said Account, This Court doth Order that it be And It is
hereby recommended and referred unto Thomas Lane< no role > Esqr . Sr . John Crosse< no role > Bart .
John Milner< no role > , James Clitherow< no role > , Thomas Burdus< no role > Henry Norris< no role > Merry
Teshmaker , Philip Dyot< no role > , Samuel Tatem< no role > , Richard Ricards< no role > , Henry Broadhead< no role >
Peter Elers< no role > , Ebenezer Mussell< no role > , Thomas Moore< no role > , Francis Hole< no role > , Samuel Tuffnell< no role >
Nathaniel Dukinfield< no role > , Boulton Mainwaring< no role > , John Lawton< no role > , John Poulson< no role >
and Thomas Quarrill< no role > Esqr . Justices of the Peace of this County or any three or
more of them as a Committee to meet together at Hickshall on Thursday the first day
of October next at ten of the Clock in the forenoon and at Such other times as they
may think fit to appoint, and to inspect the Said Account, and to consider of the

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