Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 254 of 55930th April 1747

in them lies all tipling and selling of Liquors in any unlicensed House Booth Shed or Place where
such Fair or Fairs are holden And for the more effectual suppressing the Grievances aforesaid it is
hereby recommended unto his Majesty< no role > 's Justices of the Peace for the said County residing in the
Division in which any of the said Fairs or pretended Fairs are holden or any two or more of them
to meet together at such Place or Places in or near such Fair or Fairs and at such time or times as
they shall in this behalf appoint in Order to proceed agt. such Offenders as shall be brought before
them by the said High Constable or other Peace Officers according to Law And the said respective
High Constables and other Peace Officers are required to be aiding and assisting to the said
Justices of the Peace and to observe their Orders and Directions for the more effectual
suppresing and preventing the Abuses aforesaid And it is further recommended to the said
Justices to prevent or suppress as far as in them lies all tipling and selling of Liquors in any
unlicensed House Booth Shed or Place in or near any of the said Fairs And it is further
ordered by this Court that this Order be forthwith printed and that the High Constables in the said
respective Divisions do cause printed Copies thereof to be posted up in proper places for the better
Notification thereof.

By the Court

By adjornment on Thursday the thirtieth day of April 1747 .

Order appointing a Committee to
meet concerning the Matron's Place
for the House of Correction at
Clerkenwell , and also to consider of
Articles for John Wilkins< no role > Pavoir
to keep the pavement of Brentford
Bridge in repair}

It appearing to this Court that the Place of Matron of the House of Correction at Clerkenwell in
this County is now vacant by the death of Mrs. Jane Cavenagh< no role > deceased, and several Persons
applying to this Court for the said Place of Matron in her stead It is thought fit and ordered by this
Court that it be And it is hereby recommended and referred unto Thomas Lane< no role > John Milner< no role >
Stephen Beckingham< no role > Robert Tothill< no role > Robert Paul< no role > Henry Broadhead< no role > Samuel Tatem< no role >
William Wilthers< no role > Thomas Rea Philip Dyot< no role > Peter Elers< no role > Thomas Moore< no role > Francis Hole< no role >
George Errington< no role > Boulton Mainwaring< no role > and John Lawton< no role > Esquires Justices of the Peace of
this County and such other Justices of the Peace of the said County as shall think fit to be
present or any three or more of them as a Committee to meet together at Hicks Hall in Saint
John Street in the said County on Wednesday the twenty seventh day of May one thousand
seven hundred and forty seven at ten of the Clock in the Forenoon to consider of the said
matter, and to inquire what recompence or allowance hath been usually made to the Matron of
the said House for her trouble in performing the business of Matron, and by whom the same
was payable, And to consider of a proper Person to be appointed Matron of the said House,
And it is also referred to the said Committee to consider of Articles of Agreement for John
Wilkins Paviour to keep the Pavement of Brentford Bridge in repair, And to make their
Report concerning the said matters to the Court of the next General Sessions of the Peace for
this County,

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