Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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Image 321 of 69617th October 1728

Robts: Thornhill< no role >
Johes Mercer< no role >
Robts Jackson< no role >
Johes Battely< no role >
Jacobus Harrison< no role > } Ari

before the Fourth day of December now next
ensueing being the Third day of the next General
Session of the Peace to be holden for the said
County true Copys of all Admeasurements which
have been taken by Direction of the said Comissioners
of the Streets in or neare the Old and New Buildings
within the Weekly Bills of Mortality for the use
of His Majesty< no role > 's Justices of the Peace of this
County, being absolutely Necessary that they
should have Copys of the said Admeasurements
for their Information as to the Distances of
Places whereby they may be enabled to Execute
the power and authority Vested in them by Vertue
of the Acts of Parliament made for the Regulating
of Hackney -Coaches and Chairs against such
Person or Persons as shall Committ any
Misdemeanor contrary to the tenor thereof

P adjorn Jovis 17. die Octobers 1728

Order made upon the
Complaint of Thomas
Robe Esqr. against
John Weedon< no role > Esqr .

Complaint being made into the Court against John
Weedon Esquire one of his Majestys Justices of the
Peace for this County by Thomas Robe< no role > Esquire
another of the Justices of the Peace of the same
County (who together with John Mathews< no role > Esquire
is Clerke of the Market of the Kings Household ,
touching the Matters mentioned and Comprized
in an Affidavit of Thomas Feilding< no role > and Edward
Evans Sworne before the Lord Chiefe Justice
Raymond on the Sixteenth day of October instant,
It is Ordered by this Court that a true Copy of the

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