City of London Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

8th December 1692 - 28th November 1693

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Currently Held: London Metropolitan Archives

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Image 227 of 23221st October 1693

Anthonius Stockbridge< no role > non sum
Robertus Richardson< no role > Sr
Henricus Fawcon< no role >
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Georgius Bearcroft< no role >
Andreas Hatt< no role >
Edmandus Bolitha< no role >
Willus Clarke< no role > Pcty
Walter. Parsons< no role > non sum
Thomas Westerne< no role > Ar Sr
Adam Bellamy< no role > Sr
Josephus Thompson< no role > exter
Willus Samuel Jackson< no role >
Richardus Malcher< no role >
Abratus Harris< no role >
Willus Ball< no role >
Abratus Jaggard< no role > lame
Johes Peirce< no role > Jur
Nicholas Godwin< no role >
Johes Johnson< no role > non sum
Willus Bard< no role > Sr
Johes Sherbrook< no role > Exter
Thomas Barnes< no role > sr
Petras Pickering< no role > Infirm
Johes Banner< no role > Sr
Josephus Smith< no role >
Samuel Walton< no role > exter

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