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Image 95 of 45822nd February 1770


2d. Paper Saturday Morn

Puts Not Guilty

1. Thomas Burt< no role >
2. Thomas Hasleton< no role >
3. Francis Hallmarke< no role >
4. Jacob Lawrence< no role >
5. William Abrahams< no role >
6. Thomas Winn< no role >
7. Joseph Jett< no role >
8. John Hilliam< no role >
9. John Thomas< no role >
10. Roger Grayer< no role >
11. Thomas Tomalin
12. John Walden< no role >

Last Sessn.

39. Frances Shepherd< no role > for fel riping & Stea 10lib. Wt of Lead Val 10d. of John
< no role > fix'd to his Dwelling house agt. Statute Etc.

Puts Not Guilty

27. William Woodard< no role > For Steal Goods Val 4s. of John Waters< no role >

[mark] Puts Guilty to be branded [..] Month

37. Martha Loggan< no role > For Steal Goods Val 5s. of Martha Royle< no role > Spr

Puts Guilty

[mark] 26 {Joseph Jarvis< no role >
For Burgl breaking & Entring the Dwelling house of
Thos. Evans< no role > & Steal Goods Val 11s.3d of sd. Thos. & Goods
Val 9s. of Wm. Burton< no role > in the same Dwelling house

{Puts Guilty

[mark] {Benjamin Millison< no role > als Johnson< no role >

Puts Guilty

tr 34. Hannah < no role > Ux Wm. Francis< no role > For Steal Goods Val 27s.6d of Sarah
< no role > Spr

Puts Guilty of steal Goods Val 20s.

Ordd. 10s Pros tr

28. Elizth. < no role > Ux Stephen Makepeace< no role >
For Steal Goods Val 3.15s of
Edward Taylor< no role > in his Dwelling house

Puts Not Guilty

46. Susannah Maclain< no role > for steal one Moidore V 1s. in Monies numbred28s. p do from the
From his PsonPersonof Hugh Mutch< no role > Privately

Puts Not Guilty

31 Litchfield Gromant< no role > for steal Goods Val 8s. of
Elizabeth Bailey< no role > Widow

Puts Guilty

tr 32. Thos. Griffiths< no role > for Steal Goods Val 2s. of Robt. Buhman & Goods
Val 20s. of Wm. Bridges< no role >

Puts Not Guilty

29 John Bennett< no role > for steal Goods Val 12s. of Wm.
< no role >

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