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Image 85 of 45822nd February 1770

Middx 2d. Paper

Elizth. Baker< no role >
Susannah Henshaw< no role >
Nichs. Bond< no role >

[mark] 21. William Warrecker< no role >
For a Robbery in the Highway on Elizth< no role > . Ux Joseph Bakeron< no role > 4th. Febry
Instant at Chelsea & taking one black Silk
Cloak Val 5s. of sd. Joseph from the Pson of
Elizth. his Wife

Richd. Hopkins< no role >
Sarah Door< no role >
Wm. Taylor< no role >

[mark] 22 William Lambert< no role >
For Steal on 1st. Febry Instant at St. Paul
Covent Garden one Pint Silver Tankard
Val 3 of Richard Hopkins< no role >

Mary Jackson< no role >
John Riley< no role >
Wm. Taylor< no role >

[mark] 23. The Same
For Steal on 1st. Febry Instant at St. Paul
Covent Garden one Black Sattin Cloak Val 3s
& one Linnen Handkerchief Val 6d. of
Mary Jackson< no role > Spr

Jno. Gayant< no role >
Robt. Piggott< no role >
Henry Love< no role >

[mark] 24. John Yardley< no role >
Thomas Tipping< no role > }
For Steal on 17th. Febry Instant at Edmonton
two live Hens Val 3s. of Jno. Guyant< no role >

Robt. Piggott< no role >
Jno. Guyant< no role >
Henry Love< no role >

25. The Same
not med
For Steal on 17th. Febry Instant at Edmonton
one live Hen Val 1s.6d. & one live Cock
Val 1s.6d of Robert Piggott< no role >

Thos. Evans< no role >
Wm. Burton< no role >
Bridget Sherlock< no role >
Allen Farrington< no role >
Richard Jones< no role >

[mark] 26. Joseph Jarvis< no role >
Benjamin Millison< no role >
als Johnson}
For Burgl breaking & Entring the Dwelling
House of Thos. Evans< no role > abt. the hour of two
in the Night of 24th. Janry last at Kensington
& Steal one Shaving Box Val 1s. two Razors
Val 2s. one Razor Strap Val 3d. one Pr. of
Black leather Breeches Val 2s. Six Pr. of
Mens Shoes Val 6s. of Sd. Thos. Evans< no role > one
Cloth coat Val 4s. one Pr. of Silver Knee
Buckles Val 2s. & 3 Yds. of Irish Linnen
Val 3s. of Wm. Burton< no role > in the same Dwelling house

Jno. Waters< no role >
Thos. Prise< no role >
Geo: Stockings< no role >
Fred: Lewis Gibbons< no role >
Joseph Bishop< no role >

[mark] 27. William Woodward< no role >
For Steal on 12th. Febry Instant at St. James
Clerkenwell one Saddle Val 2s. two Girths
Val 1s. & two Stirrups Val 1s. of John Waters< no role >

Edwd. Taylor< no role >
James Parr< no role >
Elizth. Welch< no role >
Diana Egginton< no role > This name instance is in a workspace.
Phillis Peeterson< no role >

[mark] 28. Elizth< no role > . Ux Stephen Makepeace< no role >
For Steal on 24th. Janry last Saint
Leonard Shoreditch one Cloth Coat Val 20s.
one Cloth Waistcoat Val 5s. one black Silk &
Stuff Petticoat Val 6s. one Flannel pettycoat
Val 2s. & one little Cabbinet in laid with Ivory
Val 2.2s of Edwd. Taylor< no role > in his Dwelling house

Wm. Stephens< no role >
Mary Stephens< no role >
John Silly< no role >

[mark] 29. John Bennett< no role >
For Steal on 8th. Febry Instant at Christchurch
Six Ounces of Silk Val 12s. of William
< no role >

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