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Image 106 of 45823rd February 1770

Middlesex To wit

The Information of James Hall< no role > and
Thomas Davis< no role > taken before me this
23d. day of Febry. 1770

Who being upon Oath says that on the 27th. day of December last
a Box containing a Quantity of wearing Apparel and a Watch and
Some Money was stolen out of his house, says that he has been
informed and verily believes that a person now present who call
himself James Lee< no role > stolen the said Box and that a person now present
who calls himself of John Dignam< no role > feloniously received the Same
knowing it to be stolen, and the said Thomas Davis< no role > for himself
says that he was in the Room from whence the said Box was stolen
when it was taken away on the 27th. day of December last and that
the said James Lee< no role > is the person who Stole the Same and that
the said John Dignam< no role > came afterwards to the Said James Hall< no role >
& this Informant and offered five Guineas to make the Matter

Sworn before me
February 23. 1770}


James Hall< no role >

Thos. [mark] [..] Davis< no role >

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