St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 130 of 45513th December 1769

and Robert Crafton< no role > be named and appointed new
Feoffees In Trust for the Parish of the House and Land
aforesaid, and that upon Application to the Revd. Dr.
Curters, Rector of this Parish for his Consent to the said
Nomination, and upon Receipt thereof under his hand,
that the said Sr. Thomas Hankey< no role > . James Hebert< no role > , and,
Joseph Barney< no role > be requested to Convey the same to the
said new Feoffees Upon the same Trusts, and for the
same Uses, Intents, and purposes, as were directed by
the Will of Sir Anthony Abdy< no role > deceased to be observed and

Nl. Andrews< no role >
Vestry Clerk


At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the
North and South Precincts of this Parish
on Wednesday December 13th. 1769 .

Present Mr. William Chesson< no role >
Mr. Henry Gretton< no role > }Church Wardens

Mr. William Lem< no role > , Mr. Henry Rutt< no role > , John Reynolds< no role > Esqr.
Mr. John Barnard< no role > , Mr. Geo: Maynard< no role > , Mr. Wm. Kippax< no role >
Mr. John Phillibrown< no role > , Mr. Peter Pope< no role > , Mr. Richd. James< no role > ,
Mr. Henry Newton< no role > , Mr. James Hebert< no role > , Mr. Joseph Fossey< no role >
Mr. John Chauntrell< no role > , Mr. John Colebrooke< no role > , Mr. Robt. Crafton< no role >
Mr. Thos. Hellam< no role > , Mr. John Wm. Galabin,< no role > Mr. Wm. Baker< no role > ,
Mr. Richd. North< no role > Mr. James Green< no role > , Mr. Benjn. Tomkins< no role > ,
Mr. John Hawkins< no role > , Mr. Robt. Gooling< no role > , Mr. John Froud< no role > ,
Mr. James Allen< no role > , Mr. William Wright< no role > , & Others.

Mr. Church Warden Chesson acquainted the Gentlemen
Present that this Meeting was summoned for the Choice
of Ward Officers for the year ensuing.


Mr. Charles Long< no role > and Mr. John Jeffery< no role > were
first in Nomination for Constables and Inquest Men
but were severally Ordered to be excused from Serving

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