St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 34 of 61728th May 1714

At a Vestry held the 28th: day of May 1714


Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role >
Mr: John Lyonse< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr: Ingram< no role >
Mr: Bayly
Mr: Johnson
Mr: Quatermaine
Mr: Goodlad
Mr: Hankey
Mr: Burker
Mr: Dodd< no role >

Mr: Hallam
Mr: Hartley< no role >
Mr: Marriner
Mr: Whites
Mr: Kings
Mr: Jones
Mr: Webster< no role >
Mr: Hickson

Mr: Rusbatch
Mr: Wilson
Mr: Viber
Mr: Saunderson.
Mr: Harris< no role >
Mr: Pitts
Mr: Eamsser
Mr: Dawson< no role >

Mr: Sheppard< no role >
Mr: Holloway Junr.
Mr: Branch
Mr: Tryon
Mr: Parnell< no role >
Mr: Smith

This Vestry was called by Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role > Upper Church
Warden to consider how to raise money and to make rates for Collecting
money for repairing the Church and to consider further of the repaires
thereof & to advise with a Comittee thereupon

A Rate to be made 5 times
as much as the last year's
poores rate to depay the Charge
of repairing the Church

Then the Question was put that a Rate be made for the Collecting money
to repair the Church by Multiplying the Poors rate and making it five times as
much as the last years and Agreed unto

Prsent Church wardens & 5:
of the Comtee: do agree wth
workemen abt: the repaires of
the Church and do execute
Contracts with the sd. Workemen
and to be Indempnifyed by the

The Parish to be accquainted
with the Actings of the
Ch: Wardens

this Clause made a
Standing Order

Then upon the Mocon of Mr: Holloway upper Churchwarden it was
Ordered that the present Church Wardens and others of the Comittee Appointed
to Inspect the repaires of the Church to the Number of five at the least
in the whole doe agree with Workemen to do the repaires of the Church And
that the Churchwardens do Signe and Execute Contracts and Agreemts: with
them for the doing thereof And also that the Pish do from time to time save
harmless and keep Indempnified the said Churchwardens from all Accons.
Suites and trouble whatsoever either in Lawor Equity that shall hereafter
happen Accrew be brought or comenced against them or either of them
for upon or by reason of any such Contracts or Agreemt: or for or by reason
of their or either of their not paying or performing of such Contract or
Agreemt: or any part of them In case and upon this Speciall Trust and
Condicon that they from time to time accquaint the Pish in Vestry with
their or any of their Actings and doeings therein and of their severall &
respective reasons why they or either of them refuse or neglect the payment
or performance of such their contracts and Agreemts: aforesaid And that this
be a Standing Order to Warrant and defend them in such their Actings
and Doeings

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