St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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St: Dionis Back Church Parish Dvld::

To Cash paid Weekly Pentionersfo .8. 150.. 7.. -
To Cash paid Quarterly Pentioners8:9.47.. -.. 8
To Cash paid & Casual Poor926..10..9
To Yearly Gifts1022..11..10
To The Gift on Sr. Thomas's Day10.2..10.. -
To Smiths & Godwins Bills1027:15:7½
To Several Expences10:11.23:19:1½
To Mr. John Walton< no role > 11.36..6..6
To Mr. Hart Crganist1130.. -.. -
To Mr. Bradley11.10..15..-
To Yearly Bills11.69.. 4.. 2
To the Ringers11.9..10.. -
To Mrs. Wm: Holloway< no role > 11.119..17..1
Due to Ballance26..17..1

Per ContraCr:
By Cash of Messrs: Shoeler & Bridgen and collected himself£12 331..5..3
By Cash of Alderman Hankeydo.. 120..-..-
By Parish Rents receddo76..10..-
By Fines for Officesdo..48..-..-
By Yearly Gifts receddo.5..1:10
By Cash of Mr. Whisken for Burialsdo.19..17:4
By Cash for Mrs. Herns burying in Linnendo2..10..-

June the. 3d. 1731.
The above Account of the Receipts & Disbursements of Mr. James Sparkman< no role >
Church Warden of the Parish of St. Dionis Back Church Audited Examined and
Allowed by his whose Names are hereunder written and there remains-
due to the said parish from the abovesaid James Sparkman the Sums of-
Twenty Six Pounds Seventeen Shillings and one Penny.

Rich Firrell< no role >
W. Hawys
James Hebert< no role >

John Burt< no role >
Benj: Rusbatch< no role >
Jos: Hankey< no role >
Wm: Holloway< no role >

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