St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences brot. over 10..4..11..
Spent trying the New pipe for the Engine-..3..-
Paid for the Act against swearing-..-..4
Octor. 19. Spent with the Collectors and Overseers-..5..9
Paid for a Ton of Scotch Coals-..18..-
Paid for 4 Doz: of Wooden Candlesticks-:6..8
Paid the Gardener for cutting the Trees-..4..-
Novr.. 3. Paid at St. Mary St. Bow -:6..6
Paid for a Warrant to take up Mrs. Spurlings Man and
paid the Constable}-..5..-
Decr:- 2. Spent with the Overseers at times-..8..6
26. Spent on St. Stephen's Dan-..7..-
Janry. 3 Spent Visiting the Sub. Pentioners-..1:6
Paid for a Ton of Scotch Coals-..18..-
11. Paid Charles Mitchell< no role > for Tub's-:15..5
Paid for digging and sowing the Church Yard-..5..-
Febry. 2. Paid one Years Quitt Rent and Letter-..3..9
3: 9. Spent with the Overseers and Collectors-..8..3
March. 5. Spent with the Common Counsel Men making-
the Workhouse Roll}-..2..6
6. Soft by two Broad peices received of the Collectors-..2..6
16. Paid bringing Jane Hopper with a Pass and sending
her to Nurse Bowers}-..5..-
22. Spent with the Overseers-..2..-
Paid for the Poor's Roll-..1..-
Spent with the Overseers at several times-..15:6
Spent with the Overseers Collectors at several times-..15..4
Paid the Paviour taking up the Ground at the fire-
Cock in Limestreet}-..5..-
17. Spent on a journey with the Overseers to View
the Estate of Collier Row
Spent with the Collectors at several times-..12..10
Cash paid Mrs. Sanders as P Receipt-:16..11
May 8. Spent with the Overseers at Mrs. Woods concerning
the Parish Affairs at several times}-:6:6

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