St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences brot. over£5:18:9½
1731. Octo: 7. Cash paid Postage of a Letter from Chesterfield-..-..4
12. Cash Spent in receiving the Rent in Limestreet-:1:-
Cash spent with the Overseers-..11:3
13. Cash paid Postage of Letter from Saml. Bowen< no role > -:-:4
16. Cash paid Thomas Weston< no role > Steward of Bethlam for Cloaths for Ann Begly< no role > . (31)-:16..-
Cash gave 5 Servants at Bethlam -:5..-
Cash paid Coachhire & Expences to Nurse Bowers-:2:4½
20. Cash paid for a Gown for Mrs. Rust-:5:2
Cash spent at the Rummer with Mr. Tirrell & Mr.. Wood-:1:7
Cash gave Mr. Wignall for Advice-:10:6
29. Cash paid S: Field for Cutting the Trees-:4..-
Cash paid Do. for a new Tree-..3..-
Nov: 4. Cash spent at the Rummer-:1..-
Cash spent at the Mitre with the Overseers & Mr. Cass-:6:8
Cash paid Mrs. Wood for Scotch Coal-:1..-
5. Cash paid for ½ toun if Scotch CoalNo: 35.-:18..-
8. Cash spent at the Rummer with Overseers & Mr. Bignall-:12:4
9. Cash spent with the Collectors-:5:1
17. Cash paid for a Sumons from Susan Ware< no role > -:1:-
Cash paid for her Oath-:1:-
25. Cash paid 1 Year Quitt Rent-:3..8.
Decr: 1. Cash paid at St. Mary Le Bow -:6:6.
Cash Spent at St. Mary Le Bow -:-:6
4. Cash Spent with the Overseers-:4:9
8. Cash Spent with Mr. Spackman-:-:6
10. Cash Spent at the Mitre with the Overseers-:13..-
13. Cash Spent at the Mitre with the Overseers-:-:9
26. Cash Spent with Several Gentlemen. (St. Stephen's Day)-:10:7
Janry. 7. Cash said Searching the Register at St. Mary Somersetts for Steadmans
14. Cash distributed among the Poor to buy Coals1..18..-
Cash Spent at the Rummer with the Overseers-:2:-
19. Cash paid S: Fields for digging & Sowing the Church Yard-:5..-
22. Cash paid Mr. Priest for Carpenters Work done in Limestreet-:1:6
Feb:- 2 Cash spent with the Collectors-:9..-
Cash spent with the Overseers-:2:2
Cash spent inquiring after the Repair 3 of the Organ-:1:11.
4. Cash paid for ½ ton of Scotch CoatNo. 45. -16:6
Mar: 6. Cash spent at the Mitre with Overseers-..8:4
15. Cash spent at the Mitre with Overseers-:4:6
24. Cash spent at the Mitre with Overseers and Collectors-:15..-
Carried over £18..8..-

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