St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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The Accompt of James
Spachman Accomptant Church Warden
of the Parish of Saint Dionis Back
Church London for and concerning
the Receipts and payments by Reason
of the said Office by the said James
< no role > from and after Easter 1730.
being the time he was chosen thereunto
Until the Feast of Easter 1731.

Disbursements for the Parish of St. Dionis
Bachchurch by James Sparkman< no role > Churchwarden from
Easter 1730. to Easter 1731 (Vizt).

Weekly Pentioners
Francis Bunking< no role > 14 Weeksat 2s-
Do38at 2s..6
P Week£6..3..-
Bridgett Broch< no role > 29at. 2.63..12..6
Rath: Browne< no role > 52at. 2s5..4..-
Eliza. Crossland< no role > 33at 2s-
Do19at 2..6}5..13..6
Elizabeth Davison< no role > 52at. 2..66..10..-
Repentance Hedges< no role > This name instance is in set 862. 11at 2s1..2..-
Elizabeth Harrison< no role > 52at.1..63..18..-
Pris: Parr< no role > 52at 2s5..4..-
Edith Spriggs< no role > 14at 2..61..15..-
Mrs. Stannard52at. 4s10..8..-
James Spiller< no role > 52at. 2s5.4..-
Hannah Trohnan< no role > 52at 2..66..10..-
Sarah Wooles< no role > 52at. 2s5..4..-
Judith Rayner< no role > 52at 3..69..2..-
Jane Hutcheson< no role > 52at.2s5..4..-
Mary Fairbrother< no role > 52at. 2s5..4..-
Mary Carter< no role > 52at.2..66..10..-
Carried over£92..8..-

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