St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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14 pd. Hamand 5s: & pd Jackson 3d. in all00:08:00
15 pd. for Two prayer Books for the Fast00:02:00
21 pd. Harmond 5s. pd. Jackson 3d00:08:00
22. pd. for writeing two Books for Births & Burialls01:05:00
25 pd. Whislin for a Baskett for ye Common Plate00:01:00
26 pd. Wagstaff her Penson to Midsomer02:12:00
pd. Harris Ditto01:03:00
pd. Coabbs her Pension01:06:00
pd. Mrs. Martin her bill03:09:00
pd. Mrs. Martin Senr< no role > :02:05:06
pd. Mrs. Faire Cough13:17:06
pd. Nurse Nasely01:17:06
27 pd. Nurse Bird09:01:00
pd. Mrs Jacksons Rent00:10:00:
28 pd. Hamond 5s. & Jackson 3s00:08:00:
pd. for Books for Burrialls Etc.00:02:10:
July 1 pd. Parrs Kent due att Midsomer01:10:00:
4 pd. Mr. Whinyard his qrs01:12:00:
pd. ye Steward of Bethlem for Mr Cane to mids03:05:00:
pd. Hamond 10d. & pd. Jackson 6d for [..] 00:16:00
8 pd. Thorp for 12 weeks [..] 2 qrtors Cloaths: A: Hamond01:10:00
16 pd. Nurse Ipsley< no role > for nursing & Clothings Sa: Hughs and moses Demish Midsomer02:16:04:
pd. Nurse Marshall for ditto to Tho. Dennis< no role > 01:15:04:
19 pd. Hamand 10s: & pd: Jackson6s: for two weeks 00:16:00:
26 pd. Speck at ye inter signing my security Bond & other Business of ye Parish00:15:00
Aug 1 pd. spent going to Hatfeild£3 [..] 00:00
pd. spent upon ye Collectors of yd poor when retd. £5400:16:00
16 pd. Hamond 15s: & pd: Jackson ye for Three weeks01:04:00
pd. Mr Brown for mending ye Sls. Bell01:00:00
30 pd. Hamad 10s pd Jackson 6s. for two weeks00:16:00
pd. Mr. Brown for mending ye great Bell00:15:00
Sept: 7 pd. the Ringers upon ye tubeing Namur00:10:00
pd for A Prothmation 12d & 2 Prayer books 2s00:03:00
pd. the Ringers upon ye thanks giveing day00:10:00
pd. Hamond 5s & Jackson 3s00:08:00
13 pd. Mr Olyphant ye plumer02:06:00
19 Paid Spent going to Rumford in Seeing ye nurse Children04:00:00:
21 pd. for Two Sacks of Coals for Parr00:04:06
pd. Spent going to See ye Children at Brantford02:00:00
26 pd: Hamond 6 weeks 30s. pd: Jackson 3 weeks, 9s01:19:00:
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