St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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The Accompt of Moneys paid
by Thomas Twesley< no role > for Accompt of the Parish of St. Dionis

May 15 Payd att Bow Church for myself and Mr Lambe
for marning and Summons}1 00 00
June 6 To Rempton the beadle for a Warrant for the poors Kate00 06 00
To the Lord Mayors summons about the Church00 01 00
To money pd for Caridge Lodging nurseing of Bridgett
Brox, & for a new Gowne etc.}02 02 03
To private Business05 00 00
To money pd to 5 persons with passes00 10 00
To do. pd at the Miter wth. the Books were rated00 04 08
To do. for Cloth for Robert Hammon< no role > 01 00 00
To do. at the Miter Wm. Bridt. Brox was admitted to ye Host.00 14 06
To do for two Jornies to Coller Row01 06 03
To do for burising a child yt was taken up all charges00 09 00
To do. pd. for a booke for births & burialls01 05 00
To do. on accot. of parish businesse several tunes00 08 06
To do. pd. Mr John Lambe< no role > for Ball of his account16 13 01
To do. pd Mitts Whiskins bill for Bridgett Brox< no role > 01 04 08
To do pd for white wans00 07 06
To do. pd Whiskin for a recept00 00 06
To do. for two sacks of Coales for Mrs Parr00 03 02
To do. pd Mr Cox for putting a Tossells on ye putpitt Cushon00 01 00
To do. Expences to me the Children02 05 00
To do. pd my Expences to Ware for rent01 18 06
To do. pd the Bollhanger for mending the bells01 09 00
To do pd Eliza. Patic< no role > with a pass on promise she Would
Trouble ye parish not more}00 10 00
To do pd to Cripple-gate Parish06 00 00
To do pd at the Miter Chuseing Canstables01 19 03
To do. pd for Captizeing a child00 02 06
To do. pd for keeping a child Coffinn and shrond00 08 00
To do. pd at the Miter for new Colls00 12 00
To do. pd for nurseing Robt. Hammon 10 weeks01 05 00
To do. pd. Alderman Abdeys gift07 10 00
To do. pd. at the Miter on receiveing the fines02 12 03
To do. pd more at the Witer01 01 06
60 04 01

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