Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

11th October 1775 - 9th December 1790

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At a Prison Committee Wednesday
6th. June 1787

Mr. Treasurer.
Mr. Audr. Genl.

Richd. Austin< no role > Esqr . James Hebert< no role > Esqr . Dr. Monro Junr .
Mr. CrowtherMr. Gozna

Surveyor to view and
estimate the necessary
Alterations in the
Ventilators in Womens

The Committee proceeded to view the Prisons
and found them clean and in good order they
also viewed the Ventilators in the Womens Prison
which appears to be so much out of Repair that it has
been disused for some time The Committee is of Opinion
that the intended purposes of it may be effectually
answered by a small alteration to the external
Openings of the said Prison It is Ordered that
the Surveyor do view estimate and report to this
Committee the necessary Alterations and give
Directions for removing and disposing of the

Prisoners Men to be
shaved every Friday

It is Ordered that all the Men prisoners
be shaved every Friday afternoon.

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