Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

11th October 1775 - 9th December 1790

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At a Prison Committee
Thursday 6th. Novr.. 1783

Richd. Clark< no role > Esqr . Aldn. Treasurer
Henry Cranke< no role > Esqr Audr .. General

James Hebert< no role > Esqr ., Mr Richd Crowther< no role > ,
Mr John Gozna< no role >

Stocks in Workshop
in Women's Prison to be

It is Ordered that the Stocks in the Workshop
in the Womens Prison be repaired and that a New Pair be
provided for the Room up One Pair of Stairs

Prisoners behaving
disorderly to be reported
to the President Treasr.
or Audr. in order to then
being corrected.

It is Ordered in Case any of the Prisoners
shall behave in a Riotous or Disorderly manner or be
Guilty of any Indecent or Filthy Behaviour they
shall be put in the Stocks and reduced to Short
Allowance and if they still continue Incorrigible
that they be reported to The President Treasurer
or Auditor General in order to their receiving the
Correction of the House

Hemp Dresser to cause
the Fires to be put out
in the Womens Prison
at Nine at Night

It is Ordered that the Hemp Dresser do
cause the Fires to be put out in the Women's Prison at
Nine o Clock at Night

Prisoners every Week
to throw Water own the

It is Ordered that the Prisoners under
the Direction of the Matron do Every Week throw a
Quantity of Water down the Necessarys sufficient to
keep them Clean

Smith to fix a Bar
to each of the Grates
in Womens Prison.

It is Ordered that the Smith do fix a
Proper Bar to Each of the Grater in the Women's Prison
for the Prisoners to heat their Irons upon

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