Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

11th October 1775 - 9th December 1790

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Image 26 of 3022nd March 1786

Continued Wednesday 22 March 1786

Court recommended
to amend an Ordr. of
29 May 1775

Upon Reading an Order of Court Dated
29th. May 1775 as to the Porter of Bridewell Hospital
It is the Opinion of this Committee that it be
recommended to the Court to amend the said Order
by inserting after the Words(and that he be not
allowed to indulge any Prisoner with a Bed except
by order of)The Words (President Treasurer and Audr.
General)and after the Words(The Chamberlain of
London )The Words(in respect to City Apprentices)
and after the Words / Incase ofsickness of/ the Words absence or
All which is nevertheless Submitted to the Judgmt of the Court

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