Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

11th October 1775 - 9th December 1790

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At a Prison Committee Wednesday 18th. Octr. 1775

Nathl. Thomas< no role > Esqr . Aldn. Treasurer
Henry Canke< no role > Esqr . Auditor General

Dr. Monro Mr. Depy Easton Alexr. Allan< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Rd. Crowther< no role > Thos. Nixon< no role > Esqr . Mr Gozna

This Committee having taken in Considn.
the Estimate made by the Surveyor for removing
both Prisons under the Hall and to take in
two Houses at the North Side of the same next
Tudor Street to be Converted into Workshops
the Expence whereof according to such Estimate
amounts to 1000 are of Opinion that if the
whole Expence wod. not exceed that Sum Yet
that removing the Prisons to so Close low &
Confined a situation would be Attended (exclusive
of the expence)with great danger & inconvenience
as the Stench of the Prisoners especially in the
Summers time would be exceedingly disagreeable
to the Governors when Assembled on Public

Surveyor to consider
Whether any Improvemt.
may be made to the Mens
Prison by taking in the
lower part of Cricketts

To make seperate Cells

It is Ordered that the Surveyor do
consider whether any and what improvement
may be made in the Mens Prison by taking in
the lower part of Mr. Cricketts Apartment so as
to Enlarge the Prison and to make seperate
Cells that some of the most incorrigible Prisoners
may be kept seperate with an Estimate of the
Expence Attending the same.

It is Ordered that the Clerk do

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