St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 78 of 2384th June 1783

The Master likewise reported that Ann Glover< no role > Charles G [..]
and Martha Glover< no role > were admitted into the Workhouse th [..]
the 31st day of March last and were discharged with their
Mother the 17th. day of last April; And that

The above named Martha Glover of the Age of Six Months
was again admitted into the Workhouse the 25th. day of
May last and was sent by an Order from the Guardians
to Nurse Moore's at Camberwell the same day.

Also that Thomas Moss< no role > a Bastard aged 4 Years and
Month was admitted into the Workhouse the 12 day [..]
April last

And that Elizabeth Paine< no role > a Bastard aged two Years [..]
eight Months was admitted into the Workhouse the

Ordered that the said Elizabeth Paine be sent to Nu [..]
Pevetts near the Green Man at Walthamstow

And that the said Thomas Moss be sent to Nurse [..]
at Plaistow.

At a Meeting of the Guardians to [..]
in the Workhouse the 23d day of July [..]

Mr. John Taylor< no role >
Mr. William Baker< no role > .} Churchwarden

Mr William Coles< no role >
Mr. Edward Gibbs< no role >

The Master of the Workhouse reported that Elizabeth
Paine and Thomas Moss mentioned in the Minutes of the
last Meeting were sent as ordered to Nurse Pevett's a
Nurse Allens

The Master likewise reported That John Dugard< no role > a B [..]
was born in the Workhouse the 19th. day of June last.
And That Elizabeth Greenwood< no role > aged 2 years 2 Months
10 days was admitted into the Workhouse the 25th day of
said June

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