St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 88 of 23830th June 1784

At a Meeting of the Guardians in the [..]
Workhouse the 30th. day of June 1784

William Baker< no role > Churchwarden


Mr Edward Gibbs< no role >
Mr Deputy Harding

The Master of the Workhouse Reported that Elizabeth [..]
< no role > & John Drew< no role > mentioned in the last Minute
were on the 10th. day of May last sent to be Nursedly [..]
Mrs. Pluckrose at Wanstead in Essex, as were
Anns William Brutcher< no role > mentd. also in the last
Minutes sent the Same to be Nursed by Mrs. [..]
& arwell near the May Pole on Epping Forest
& that the said several Children before Sent to
Nurse were all Properly Cloathed

That Joseph William Roberts< no role > & Phe [..]
Bishop were discharged out of the House with
their respective Mothers, the former on the first [..]
the latter. on the 22d. days of May last

Sophia & Isaac Rutter< no role > still remain [..]
the Workhouse their Mother having refused to [..]
form thence with them, and also Ann Hooper< no role > [..]
John Dugard< no role > and Mary & John Marchant< no role > sh [..]
remain in the House

The Master of the Workhouse likewise [..]
Reported that Hannah Smith< no role > hath again been
admitted in the House the Twentyeth day of Ma [..]
last, and Henry Smith< no role > on the same day, but w [..]
discharged with his Mother there out on the Twenty [..]
fifth day of said May, And that William [..]

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