St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 58 of 23812th January 1780

Nameswhen admittedAge

Ralph Read< no role > 23rd. Decr last4Y..0M..0D
Sarah Read< no role > Same day0Y..9M..0D
George Smith< no role > 28th from Nurse4Y..1M..0D

Percy Holderness< no role > {12th January from
Nurse Fritters} ..7Y..1M..0D

John Holderness< no role > same day from Do1Y..1M..0D
Edward York< no role > same day from Do.7Y..8M..0D
William York< no role > same day from Do5Y..8M..0D
Sarah Williamson< no role > . same day from Do5Y..0M..0D
Ann Knight< no role > same day from Do5Y..0M..0D

The Master likewise reported that Diana Attwood< no role > was [..]
discharged with her Mother the 29th Decr. last and that
James Fuller< no role > Benjamin Fuller< no role > and Mary Fuller< no role > were [..]
with their Mothers the 5th Instant and that George Since
died in the Workhouse the 9th Instant The Master
likewise reported that Mary Ann Willoughly< no role > is dangerously in [..]
not fit to be moved and that Percy Holderness is also ill [..]
not dangerously And Ralph Read< no role > , Sarah Read< no role > , Michm [..]
Fleming Phebe Bate< no role > John Holderness, Edward York, Willi [..]
York, Sarah Williamson and ann Knight being produced by
the Guardians were found to be in Health but the Wrath [..]
being unfavourable Ordered that the Children remain in [..]
House till the next Meeting

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