St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

1st May 1770 - 12th February 1802

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Image 40 of 44119th September 1776

Messrs.. Peter Astie< no role > & William Morgan< no role > Drs

s d

Received on the Rent Role1 159:14:
By Do. on Do2- 25:7
By Do. on the Commemoration BookDo. 43:8:
By Do. on Burials3. 110:14:
Other ReceiptsDo.. 27:14

Per ContraCrs

s d

Taxes allowed4. 1:16:0
Allowed Mr. Baldwin Poundage on BurialsDo. 5:10:6
By Disbursements on Commemoration BookDo. 63:8:0
By other Disbursements5. 102:11:8
By Do6. 57:14:9
By Do7. 110:12s:1
By Do8. 33:9:1
By Do9. 8:15:6

Ballance due from the Parish to Messrs
Astie & Morgan} 17: -

19th. September 1776


The foregoing Accounts of Messrs. Astie & Morgan were this Day audited and it appears they have received the Sum of Three Hundred and
Sixty Six Pounds Seventeen Shillings & seven Pence And that they have paid & Disbursed the Sum of Three Hundred & Eighty three Pounds
Seventeen Shillings & Seven Pence half Penny, So that there is a Ballance due form the Parish to the Accountants of the Sum of Seventeen Pounds
and one half penny, which Ballance was paid by the Upper Church:wardens for the Year 1773.Wm.. Coles< no role >
Frans. Jones< no role >
John Scott< no role >
Ben. Hunt< no role > } Churchwardens

Geo. Lambert< no role >
Simon Hillatt< no role >
Thos. Sansum
Sheen Downes< no role >
John Gee< no role >
J Hough
Robt. Hile< no role >
Edwd. Gibbs< no role >

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