St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

1st May 1770 - 12th February 1802

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Image 50 of 44119th September 1776

Messrs.. Simon Hillatt< no role > & Wm.. Morgan< no role > Drs ..

Received on the Rent Roll1 154: 14: [..]
To do.. on do2 25:7: [..]
To do.. on the Commemoration Bookdo.. 43:8: [..]
To do.. on Burials3 92:4: [..]
Other Receiptsdo.. 8:6: [..]
323..19: [..]

Per ContraCrs..

Taxes allowed1:16: [..]
Allowed Mr. Baldwin Porindage on Burials Etcdo.. 7:3:9
By Disbursements on the Commemoration Bookdo.. 63:8:0
By Other Disbursements5 46:16:0
By 3:16.9
By do..6 92:15:5
By do..7 94:7:9
By do..8 21:9:1

Balance due from
the Parish} 7:13:51

19th September 1776

The foregoing Accounts of Messrs. Simon Hillatt< no role > & William Morgan< no role > were this Day audited & it there by appears that they have
received the Sum of three Hundred and Twenty three Pounds nine [..] Shillings and Five Pence and that they have Paid and Disbursed the
Sum of Three Hundred and Thirty three one Pounds Twelve Shillings and Ten Pence So that there remains due on Balance from the Parish
to the Accountants the Sum of Seven Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Five Pence


Wm.. Coles< no role >
Fran Jones< no role >
Ben. Hunt< no role >
John Scott< no role > } Churchwardens

Edwd. Gibbs< no role >
Geo: Lambert< no role >
Thos. Sansum
Sheen Downes< no role >
John Gee< no role >
J. Hough
Robt. Hill< no role >
Peter Astie< no role >

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