St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

1st May 1770 - 12th February 1802

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Image 41 of 44119th September 1776

The Particular Account of the Receipts and Disbursemts.
of Mr. Simon Hillatt< no role > and Mr. William Morgan< no role > Renter Churchwardens
of the Parish of Saint Botolph Aldgate for the the Year 1773

Receipts on the Rent Role

s d

Reced of Mr. Robert Phipp< no role > 's one Year's Rent for Ground in Cock &
Hoop Yard due at Ladyday 1770
4:- [..]

Of Mrs. Gunton one Year's Rent for an House in Anchor and
Hart Alley due do
6:- [..]

of Mr. Peter Astie< no role > Upper Churchwarden of Aldgate London
one Year's Rent for the Workhouse of the said Parish due at do
10:- [..]

of Mr. Thomas Sabe< no role > / late Lowfield) one Year's Rent for House
in Butcher Row due at do
20:- [..]

of Mr. Barrington one Years Rent for the Nags Head Ale
House Etc due at do
18.. .. [..]

of Mr. Thomas Brookes< no role > one Year's Rent for Houses in
High Street let to the late Mr. Thomas Smith< no role > due at do
20:.. [..]

of Mr. Cotton one Year's Rent for Tenements in Cock & Hoop
Yard & two Houses in Houndsditch} 45:10: [..]

of Mrs Joseph Dizzington< no role > one Year's Rent for Premises
in Cock & Hoop Yard due at do
6:.. [..]

Of Mr Thomas Labe< no role > / late Rayson one Years Rent for
two Houses in Woolpack Alley due do
8:.. [..]

of Ditto / late Blanchard/ one Year's Rent for House in
Do / late the Essex Coffee house/ due at do
4:.. [..]

of the Executors of Mr. Francis Hill< no role > / by he Hands of
Mr Grace/ one Year's Rent for Ground on the last side
of Hounsditch due do
4:4: [..]

Of the Executors of Mr. Thomas Cleaver< no role > for
Houses in Hounsditch and several Houses in Cock &
Hoop Yard due do
9:.. [..]

154:14: [..]

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