St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements P Sundry's continued


Expended going to Council for Our Witnesses to be Examined-..5 [..]
To Mr. Bentham towards the Cost of the Suit of Valentine the Jow10..- -
Expended with Mr. Bentham Examining our Witnesses-..4.. [..]
Expended on some of the Antient Witnesses sumoned at the Tryal at Guild hall -..8.. [..]
Expended at the Bell Tavern -..2..2 [..]
Expended at the Crown Tavern by Guild hall on the Day of Tryal-..3.. [..]

Expended at the Hoop in the Minories on the Witnesses who attended at Guildhall
the Day of Tryal with Valentine} 1..6.. [..]

Expended at the Bell receiving Mr Griffins Fine-..4.. [..]
To Thos. Groves< no role > for ringing the Bells-..5.. [..]
Expended at the Bell receiving Mr Blakes Fine-..9.. [..]

Expended at the Pye Tavern paying the Ballance of my Workhouse Account to
Mr Rochester } -..1.. [..]

Expended with Mr Bentham waiting on Lord Hardwick at his Chambers in
Chancery Lane on Valentines Account} -..4.. [..]

Expended Attending on Lord Hardwick with the Councel and Mr Bentham
waiting there Severall hours} -..7.. [..]

pd to Sundry poor persons out of the Conviction Money7..2.. [..]
pd Mr King the Ballance of Mr Foster Renter Wardens Account8..1..1 [..]
For collecting Parish Rents2..- -
Expended in Settling my Account for the Audit-..4.. [..]
pd for a Book to Enter this Account-..2. [..]
pd Mr Bentham one Years Sallary2..-
pd [..] for business on Account of the Freedom part of the parish as P Bill11..9.. [..]
pd Drawing and Ingrossing this Account1..- -
Expended at Auditing this Account this Day2..- -

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