St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursments Continued

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Paid Mr. Groves for Coffins and Strouds13..13..3
Paid Do. for Sundrys2 15 -
Paid to Eighteen Poor Housekeepers Esqr. Websters Nobles6..- -
Paid Mr. Nicholls Baker5..17 -
Paid Mr. King Baker5..2 -

Paid Mr. Hockford one Years Rent for the Shops under the Charity
School due Lady Day 1735
50..- -

Paid the City one Years Ground Rent2.. - -
Paid Mr. Till for half a Years Interest of 60015..- -
Paid Mr. Bourn the Beadle one Years Sallary26..- -

Paid him his Disbursments for the Months of June; July August
September October November December January February and March
47..2 -

Paid the Bearers for Carrying 31 poor Persons to the Barial Ground2..8 -
Paid Mr. Hunt the Sexton for the Graves of the said Severall Persons 1..19..6
Paid the Warders their Yearly Sallery5..- -

Paid Mr. Hanley what was due to him as Overseer in Covent Garden
Precinct} 1..2..11

Gave the Country man to go to Chelmsford -..3 -

Paid the Witnesses there on the Tryall at the Quarter Sessions upon
the Appeal
2..1 -

Paid Horsehire for the Witnesses-..18 -
Gave the Recorder of Colchester his Fee on the said Tryall2..2 -
Expences thereon our Selves and Witnesses being three Days6..10 -
Mr. Salt the Attorney his Bills for Law Charges on Appeals30..14 -
Paid Horsehire for myself and Beadle to Chelmsford -..18 -
Paid Horsehire for Four days going into Cambridgeshire with a Pass- 12 -
Paid Ninedays horsehire for the Beadle Going into Suffolk with a Pass1..7 -
Paid the Clerk of the Vestry one Years Sallary2..- -
Paid Esqr Garfords Nobles to Twenty poor House keepers6..13 4

Paid him his Bill for one Years Business on Account of the Freedom
Part of the Parish
15..10 -

For my own Charges and Expences Collecting Parish Rents Etc.2..- -
Paid for Drawing and Ingrossing this Account1 - -
Paid for a Book to Enter the Account- 2 6

April 28th

Expended at Mr. Bacons in Houndsditch at a meeting of some of
the Antients on Account of his not Paying his Monthly Rate} - 6 -
256 15 6

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