Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 418 of 43130th July 1761

Continued Thursday 30th. July 1761 Being Election Day
This Court doth Order that the Petition of William Masterman< no role >
be Referrd to the Commee of this House Who are to Consider the
Same & Report their Opinion thereof to the next Court

Richd. Bowdler to be free

At this Court Richd. Bowdler< no role > Who Served His Apprentiship to Wm Terrant< no role >
in this Hospital by Indenture dated 23. May. 1754 was order to be
Made free

Thoms. Goffe to be free

Att this Court Thomas Goffe< no role > who likewise Servd His Apprenticeship
William Terrant in this Hospitals by Indre dated 13. April 1754 Was
Orderd to be Made free

Jno Denman Apprentice

Orderd that John Denman< no role > a Poor Boy be Put Out Apprentice at
the Nominationof Mr. Cha Hoyle< no role >

Motion by Mr Henshaw
that the Constable of
Farringdon ward within
[..] Complaind of for
not giveing Evidence
[..] Ann Harper
Committd on his Oath

At This Court A Motion being made by Robt. Henshaw< no role >
Esqr & Seconded that An order be made to Acquaint
the Depy. of Farringdon Ward within Viz John Paterson< no role >
Esqr. & He be Desird to Laid it before The Aldm. William
< no role > Esqr. & the Comon Council of the said Ward
Complaining of John Thompson< no role > Constable of the said Ward
that Where as Ann Harper< no role > Was Committed to Bridewell
Hospital on the 19 July Inst by the Rt. Honbl. The Lord
Mayor on the Oath of the said Jno. Thompson As a loose
Idle & Disorderly Person a Common Night Walker & for
Picking Up Men in Ludgate Street at 12 o Clock last night
& Notice was given to ye said Thompson to Appear & give
Evidence but He Neglected so to doe that He May
therefore be dealt wth. According to law & His Own Demerit

Motion by Mr Rt. Gamon
that the Watchman of
Terrant [..]
be complaind of for
[..] giving Evidence
against Charlotte page
Commd on His Oath

At This Court Mr. Robert Gamon< no role > made also the following
Motionalso& being Seconded that an Order he made
to Acquaint Mr Depy. Cole of the Ward of Farringson
Without & He be desird to lay it before Sr. Francis Gosling< no role >
Kt. Aldm. of this Ald Ward & the Comon Council Complain
of Henry Udall< no role > one of Watchman of the said Ward that
Whereas Charlotte Page< no role > was committed to Bridewell Hospll
on the 25 July Jnot. By Fra Cockayne< no role > Esqr. Aldnr On the Oath
of the said Udall for being a loose disorderly Person & Comon
Night Walker Makeing a Disturbance in the Night Time
Notice was given to the sd Udall to Appear & give Evidence but He
Neglected so to doe that He may therefore be dealt wth. According
to law & His Own Demerit

Kal [..]

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