Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 398 of 4314th June 1761

Continued Thursday 4 June 1761


Huckwell John< no role > Committed 29 May 1761 By Sr. Matt Blackeston< no role > Lord
Mayor On the Oath of His Father Jno Huckwell< no role >
for being a Disorderly Apprentice Runing away from
His said Fathers Servise with out His leave & Consent
& being otherwise a Loose Idle & Disorderly Person

Commee Report
o 106 Govenor

Upon Reading Report from the Committe of this House dated 29 May 1761
Under the Hands of John Wallington< no role > Esqr. Treasr. Edwd. Umfreville< no role > Esqr. Mr
Robert Gamon< no role > Joseph Vere< no role > Esqr. Robt. Mackey< no role > Esqr. Mr. Tho Horne< no role > William
< no role > Mr Depty. Richd. Bridgman< no role > Edwd. Ferrand< no role > Esqr. Dr. Anthony. Askew< no role >
mr. Charles Moyle< no role > Robt. Henshaw< no role > Esqr. Saml. Seawell< no role > Esqr. Mr Henry Crank< no role >
Mr. Justice Richd. Roman< no role > Mr. John Pope< no role > Mr. Tho Cogan< no role > Mr Wm. Tyser< no role >
Mr. Philip Grafton< no role > & Mr. Samuel Read< no role > As follows Vizt

In Pursuance of An Order of Court Made the 26. February 1761
The Commee Met this day to Consider of the Persons Nominated at
the said Court to be Governrs. of Bridewell & Bethlem & Hospital & Are
of Opinion the One Hundred & four following Gentleman are Very
Proper Persons to be Governr. of the Court shall think fit Vizt.

Nominated by

[mark] 1.

James Clutterbuck< no role > Esqr. Strand Sr. Rd. Glyn< no role > Bt. President

[..] 2.

Mr Saml. Beard< no role > Snow Hill Jno Wallington Esqr. Treasr

M [mark] 3

Mr. Francis Hurt< no role > Alderman breryWm Sitwell< no role > Esqr. Audr. Genl

M [mark] 4.

William Henshaw< no role > St. Pauls Church Yard Ricd. Henshaw< no role > Esqr.


William Vere< no role > Esqr Inner Temple Mr. Jno Howell< no role >

[mark] 6.

Mr. Charles Vere< no role > Fleet street Joseph Vere< no role > Esqr

[mark] 7.

Roger Staples< no role > EsqrCornhill Lord Ward


Mr. Jno Yngeth< no role > Lombard Street Mr. Jno Pope< no role >


Charles Gardener< no role > Esqr Lockleys near Wellwyn Hartfshire Dr. Freeman


Mr Dept. Jno. Money< no role > Watling Street Sr. Edmd. Isham< no role >


Mr. Thomas Harris< no role > Avey Mary Lane Dr. Battie


The Honle Mr Tho Harley< no role > Aldersgate Street Robt. Harley< no role > Esqr.


Mr. Depty. Tho Long< no role > Bishopsgate Street Sr. Matt Blackston< no role > Ld Mayor


Richd. Wilbraham Booth< no role > Esqr. Great Ormond Street Mr Phillip Bromfield< no role >


Mr. Jno Portner< no role > [mark] Islington Hamond Cross< no role > Esqr


Robt. Cotton Trefusis< no role > Esqr of Trefusils Cornwall. Jno Atfleet< no role > Esqr


Tho Berney Bramston< no role > Esqr Streens Tho Bramston< no role > Esqr


John Bullock< no role > Esqr White Chapple EsqrMr. Walter Jones< no role >

[..] 19

Mr. Henry Kent< no role > Finch Lane Mr Dept. Jno Clark< no role >


Edwd. Bigge< no role > Esqr Lincolns Inn Alexr. Colston< no role > Esqr

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