Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 417 of 43130th July 1761

Continued Thursday 30th. July 1761. being Election Day
The following Gentleman at this Corref Received their
Chargebeing Nominated at a Court the 26. February Last

Mr. Samuel Peach< no role > Nominated byMr. Richd. Bristow< no role >
William Walter< no role > . Esqr Lewis Price< no role > Esqr
Mr. Fras. Magnus< no role > Sr. Jno Chapman< no role >
John Twinihoe< no role > Esqr Mr. Jno. Perkins
William Vere< no role > Esqr James Heywood< no role > Esqr
Mr. Saml Parsons< no role > Mr. Cha Grisby< no role >
Mr. Thos. Gilmore< no role > Richd. Roman< no role > Esqr
Mr. Richd. Crowther< no role > Stepn. Comyns< no role > Esqr
Mr. Rd Woodhouse< no role > Fras. Goulston< no role > Esqr
Mr. Dept. GordonSr. Cha Asgill< no role > This name instance is in set 2385.
Mr. Jno Southly< no role > Mr. Jno Forty< no role >
James Clutterbuck< no role > Esqr Sr. Richd. Glyn< no role > Kt. & Bt. Presd.
Mr. Alexr. Allan< no role > Mr. Jno Townsend< no role >
Mr. Wm. Henshaw< no role > Robt. Henshaw< no role > Esqr.
Mr. William Chesson< no role > Mr. Jno Asgill< no role >
Saml Seawell< no role > Esqr Junr Mr. Depy. Mall
Mr Depy. Jno Moorey< no role > Sr. Edmd. Isham< no role >
Mr Richd Kilsha< no role > Stepn Harvey< no role > Esqr
Mr Theodore Hodgson< no role > Matt. Hawytane< no role > Esqr
Mr. James Walton< no role > Fras. Cockayne< no role > Esqr
Henry Crabb Bolton< no role > Esqr. Mr. Saml. Sedgwick< no role >
Roger Staples< no role > Esqr Lord Ward
Cha Brown< no role > EsqrJno Crawley< no role > Esqr

Masterman Wm
Andr. for [..] wing
[..] Court Referd to

Upon Reading The Humble Petition of William Masterman< no role >
of the Dutchy Office in the County of Middex as follows

That Your Petition is now in Possesion of &
Intitld to Four Monses on Rich's Court & Limestreet wth the
Appurtenances belonging to your Worships for the Residue
of a Term for Sixty Two year wch will Expire at Lady Day 1763
& is desirous of Renewing Such Lease of Your Worships Shall
think Proper the Having been at great Expences in Support
Repairing & Improveing the Same

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