Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 439 of 5241st June 1749

Continued 1st June 1749

BeckRichard< no role > a
Prisoner to be Presented
at the expence of the [..] }

Richard Beck< no role > being Comitted (by Mr. Alderman Whittaker) to this Hospital to 26th
day of May last on the Oath of Edward Batuage< no role > for Reforming out of the Gard of Mr. Layton
in Nicholas have several Benches of Small Valued it Appearing to the Court that
the said Beck has and Stabs the Breaches and Attempted with along Knife to hill Beduaye
whom be Stept him with the Brusher It is Ordered That the said Beck be Discharged
from house in Order to be and to Newgate to be prosecuted by Baduap at the next Sessions
and that the Staward of this Hospital do pay the Charges to be allowed him in his
next AccountTo City to Mr. Adam Clerk 6th. July 1749 p 6.6

James & Clark proposals
for Lease of a House in
[..] (No. 4)
referred to Comee

At this Court the Proposals of Messrs. James & Clerk of London Man hand were next
Seting fath Vizt. to take a Lease of a House in Lime Street Square (late Mr. Gardens) No. 3)
for [..] with Liberty to quill the ques at the end of the first 11 years as the rent of
22 deducting Land in and to lay out 100 in spares and page Two of 50 & if they
Continued & 20 P ann. to pay of with Time of 50Or to give 30 P ann without
Time and to a pair the puts themselvesSr 48 P ann. if the Govr. will rapair
the pencesIt is Ordered that the said proposals to referred to the
Comittee of this House to Consider thereof & expect their Opinion therein to the Court.

Kitteredge Sarah< no role >
to Mr. for in [..]

It this Court the Petition of Josiah Kitteredge< no role > for an additional appartment (the Consideration of which
are adjourned at the Bird Court) was now read had further Considered and the
Becker being put that the Payer of this Petition be Granted It passed in the Negative.

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