Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 444 of 52419th July 1749

Continued Wed 19th July 1749

GrinsillWm< no role > .Elected
Artsmaster }

At this Court the humble Petition of William Grinsill Citizen & Bromde weaver
was read Setting forthThat your Petitioner has been Freeman of the City of
London upwards of Sixteen Years during which time [..] he has been
set up in his Trade and has brought up several ApprenticesThat there being a [..]
of an Artsmaster in the Room of Mr. Phillip Hilton< no role > Deceased & the Petitioner being
ready Curlling to take such a Number of Apprentices as the Court Shall think fit and
to keep has Appartment in repair with Glazing Plaistering & Whiteing at his own
Expence as is usually done by the Artsmasters & to Comply with all Orders of the Court
and Comittee made & to be made in relation to Artsmasters And praying to be Elected
an Artsmasters in the Room of the said Mr. Phillip Hilton< no role > and the Question being put
that the said William Grinsill being Elected on Arts master of the Hospital he was
nomine Contradicente Elected an Artsmaster till the next Election dayAnd it is
Ordered that upon his Delivering a Certificate of his Settlement to the Clerk & producing
a Copy of his Freedom of the City he be Admitted Accordingly upon giving Security as
usuall and entering into the usual Covenants with a Covenant to be Added that he
will not Set up any Engine Loomes in this Hospital And that the Journeyman which
he shall Employ shall be such as have Served their Apprenticeships in the Hospital
And it is further Ordered that he have such Appartment as the Comittee of this
House Shall Direct.

BeadleVacancy on death
of Seakins}

This Court declared the Vacancy of a Beadle of this Hospital on the decease
of John Seakins< no role > . And Ordered that the Election of a Beadle be the first Court next after
tomorrow And that Notice thereof be incerted in the Ticketts.


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