Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 442 of 5583rd February 1670

5th Feb 1719/20

Serjeant Thos< no role > . broadweaver
Elected Arts Master }

At this Court The humble petition of Thomas Serjeant< no role > Broad Silk weaver was
read Setting forth that he is a freeman of this City & has carried on the Trade
of a Broad Silk weaver for above 20 years past & being informed there is a
vacancy of an Artsmaster in this hospital if ye Court will please to Elect him he
will comply with all their Orders and take as many apprentices as ye Court Shall
think fitt And praying to be admitted an artsmar . Whereupon the Question being
put ye said Thomas Serjeant< no role > was Elected to be an artsmar . of this hospital
till the next Election day And It is Ordered that ye sd Thomas Serjeant< no role >
be admitted accordingly giveing Security as usual in the like Cases and entring
into the usual Covenants with a Covenant to be added that he will not Set up or
use any Engine Looms in this hospital and that ye Journeymen which he shall
employ in his said Trade Shall be such as have served their Apprenticeship in
this hospital And It is further Ordered that he have such appartment as ye
Comes of this hospital shall direct.

G [..] gift to Bethlem
Hate of ye Case & Ordr. to ye [..]
to receive ye arrears & future
proportionable paymts.}
Ex. & Kal

The Clerk acquainted this Court that William Penoyer< no role > Esqr (who dyed 3d
february 1670 ) did by his Will devise part of his Estate then of ye value of above 200
P Annum to Trustees to be applyd after ye decease of Martha< no role > his wife (who dyed in June
1674) to Several Charitys amounting in ye whole to 194.13.4 P Annum whereof
10 P Annum was to Bethlem Hospital That ye Rents falling Short ye Governor
of Christs Hospital (who had a greater Annual Sume given to them) brought a Bill
in Chancery to have ye Trust assigned which was ordered and an accounted directedThat
the Mar. to whom it was referred in takeing ye account for 3 years from Muke 1705 to
Michas 1708 Reported there was in the hands of the Receivers 354.10.9 whereof
the proportion to Bethlem Hospital amounted to 17.3.1 which in presuance
of an Order of the Comce of this house the 14th. Novemr. 1718 was paid to ye
Steward of that hospitalThat ye Trust being accordingly assigned to several
of the Governor s of Christs hospital They reced for the Rents of the said
Estate for ye year to Michmas 1709 the Sume of 204 and from that time
to Michmas 1718 200 P Annum which amounts in all to 2004 and the
disbursments thereout as appears by the Christs hospital account amount
to 469.2.1 so that the Nott sume to be divided is 1534.17.11 whereof
the proportion to Bethlem Hospital is 78.16.11 to Michmas 1718 which
the Governor s of Christs hospital are ready to pay upon haveing a Discharge
for ye same in full to that time But in regard ye same in less than ye same
devised to Bethlem Hospital by ye said Will the steward of that hospital
could not give a Discharge in full without the Order of this Court and also prays
the Courts direction as to the Subsequent Annual payments which will also
fall Short Whereupon It is Ordered That the steward of Bethlem
hospital do Receive ye said Sume of 78.16.11 and give a discharge for ye
same in full to Michmas 1718 and that for ye future he do receive the
proportion comeing to Bethlem hospital according to ye account thereof which
shall appear in Christs hospitals Books and that he do from time to time give
a Discharge to the said hospital for ye same for account of Bethlem hospital
and It is furthen Ordered that ye de [..] be Annually carried to
profitt and Loss in Bethlem account

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