Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 422 of 55824th July 1719

Bethlem }

Londe: ss.
At a Court holden of Ye sd. hospital
of Bridewell on friday Ye 24th. July 1719

sr . William Withers< no role > knt . & Alderman Presidens
John Tayler< no role > Eqr Treasurer

John Martyn< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Cha: Loyd< no role >
Mr. Depty Geo: Waylett< no role >
Mr. Cheshire
Mr. Thomas Preston< no role >
Capt. Polehampton

Mr John Elderton< no role >
Mr. Depty. Everett
Mr. Thomas Tarry< no role >
Mr. Thomas Nicoll< no role >
Mr. Robt. Fatherby< no role >
Mr. Fathergale

Mr. Wm Lee< no role >
John Cottle< no role > Esqr .
Cha: Young< no role > Cully
Mr Depty Turner


PavellThomas< no role > P St William Wither< no role > being charged by Tho
< no role > one of Ye. Constables of St Stephen in Coleman Street
being taken begging frequently pretending to fall into Fitts at
other times attempting with a Broom Stick to break heads, when
not releived & known to be a very disorderly idle person


he sad that Wm Wilson< no role > in playhouse
[..] White [..] appr. to his bro
Wilson bid him ent Mrs. Enn your [..] }

PenneryEdward< no role > P dobeing charged by
Martha Erryon< no role > & Mary Chariot< no role > for Chat he in Company wth.
another not yet apprehended Cutt both their Calli [..] Gowns
yesterday in St. Giles Cripplegate Church


WarrerJohn< no role > P dobeing charged by Wm.
< no role > putt at Mr Edges upon Clerkenwell Green . near the
Red Lyon for that he put his hand into his pockett. after
that assaulted and took him by the Coller.

Cont in order to go
to Sea.

Colman Katherin< no role > P dobeing tharged by Charity
< no role > her Mother at Mr Bretts strong< no role > wester man in Bow
Lane being idle disorderly and given to runn away from
her parents, and Suspected to be in danger of being ramedl


Putrey Elizabeth< no role > P dobeing charged by Joseph
< no role > one of the Constables of allhallowes Lond.
Wall , and Richard painton< no role > one of the Watchmen being
and idle disorderly woman. Sauntering the Street & found
upon ye Ground in an indecent posture with a man who
made his Escape

Ex.& Kal.

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